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Notes to p. 6 129
Note (1)

Ch X

Why the
only contracted for
by the last account is
considered as brought in

(1) It th In this £16,046,727 Stock, is included £3,320,727
only contracted for and not actually bought in, ion the said
4th Dec.r 1799. But, the about the 23d of Feby 1800, being the time
when the then terms of the then next loan were settled,
I suppose I therefore, for the sake of round numbers, and to
discussions, I suppose the whole of the £3,320,727 to
have been bought in by that time: and, considering
the great considerable great rise of which the measure had been productive
that had already taken place, and the prospect of
further rise, and how strong the the instance was thence presented <add>that was presented by the prospect</add> for accelerating
the purchases, the appreciation seems not an unreasonable one.
What it It allows is a little less more than ¼ of the former quantity to be
bought in in a little more than ⅓ of the time.
For a little more than ¼ of the former quantity, it allows
a little more than ⅓ of the former time

Note ((6)2) to p. 6 129 (2)
date of the 1st Land Tax
sale Act

( ) The first Act passed The day on which the Act passed is the
(2) The date of the Act (28 G.3. c.60) is 21 June 1798.

Note (3) to p. 6 129

64 why assumed
as the highest price
to the loan
when in fact it exceeded
not 61

(3) It was In fact, not more than 61: but the difference
between that and the assumed 64, may it should seem be set down
to the account of the loan (i:e: the prospect of the loan) itself. That, On the part expectation the Contractors on the
expected on the part of the Contractors, the expectation was, that the price to would be soon at above 64, notwithstanding the
any depression produced by the loan, is plain from their having consenting to have their Stock valued
to them at so high a price as between 623 & 634. + say 62½
+ £63: 13s: 10½d:
RConsols 11. 110 100
Reduced 47
157. Compared
with the Act 39 & 40 G.3 c.22 <add>§.1.</add>
£63- 13s- 10½d

This they would not have done, unless they had been persuaded
of its rising beyond 64 within a few months: to 64 at least:
accordingly, so early as the 9th April (about 6 weeks
after the conclusion of the treaty) they Consols had risen to ½ per
Cent above that price.

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