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Ch. XVI Rise of Prices

By the expulsion of the whole five and forty millions
worth of cash were it possible, not a particle
would be taken from the mass of real, servicable national wealth
It would not expell bullion,
but augment it.

on the contrary more than the whole five and forty millions
worth, with a profit to boot would be added to that mass: - the five
and forty millions, plus the 15 per Cent or whatever
may be the rate of profit on mercantile transactions
in this instance.

Cash, which it retains its form remains in the form of cash - metallic
money any more than the paper money which conveys
the promise of it — is not of the smallest
value in the way of use.
It would add to
the mass of Bullion
[and thence to the
mass of vendible
commodities in

By being What value it possesses <add>returns</add> Its value
consists merely of value in the way of exchange: in respect of which value
it is not merely equalled but by the supposition
even excluded by the paper which has replaced expelled it and taken its
place. By being melted into bullion, and thence
made into plate it regains it is true that value
in the way of use to which when it is indebted for its
value in the way of exchange [but then it is cash
no longer in the shape of cash.

[But] by being expelled out of the circulation
of this particular country the cash is not expelled driven out of the world: it remains
in the shape of bullion or plate somewhere
and wherever it remains it regains its value in
the way of use, having its value in the way of
exchange replaced, and with increase, by the paper
which has expelled it.
— from what
it would be in
readiness to be
poured back again
into the mass of
money (through the
mint) if ever
wanted in that shape

If it remains unexported,
then there is so much more bullion and plate in the
country in consequence of the proposed measure than there would

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