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Ch. XVI. Rise of Prices
A sudden demand
for a large quantity
of cash in contradistinction
to bullion
is not consistent is a supposition with
any such universal
preference as will
have been necessary to
the supposed total
expulsion of cash:
but were it to take
place, the bullion
the quantity of which
is not lessened but
increased would
be enough to satisfy

In the way of objection, a case may be supposed started
as a possible one as possible (for it will the probability of it will
not be easily supported made out by the assignment of
any specific assignable adequate causes) adequate
that a sudden demand for cash may come to present
itself for cash, which the paper that had taken
the place of cash could not be able to satisfy.
Five millions' worth of cash is wanted — what is to
be done if not so much as a single millions worth of is to
be found —

Wanted — by whom, and for what purpose - and
in form of what what will be the in case of
non supply of what kind and to what amount
will be the damage? All these are questions which to all these questions, were it
would necessary would answer be to be given, in for
the objection could to stand its ground: but an observation
or two may save the will be enough to save that trouble. The By the
expulsion of the cash from the circulation, the quantity
of Bullion and plate in the country is not diminished but rather
increased. But and Bullion and plate are the very
materials and the only materials of which cash is
made - and made in very large quantities in
a short time. But by the supposition bullion the
proposed paper has all along been preferred to cash
in payment for every on all occasions — as well in payment for cash
bullion and plate, as in payment for every thing else:
and of the proposed paper there is no nothing is nor can be any want. Therefore
although the whole quantity of cash in the country should be
drawn out of the circulation by the proposed paper, yet, by
any such expulsion any inconvenience that could be supposed
to take place for want of cash would so far from being augmented be averted obviated and averted.

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