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19 Oct. Abstract
Ch XVI. Rise of Prices

Note ( ) to p.13

( ) By the addition thus made to the mass of
vendible commodities the mass of money remaining
without prop corresponding increase, the mass of vendible
commodities in general taken together it may appear (considering
the matter in this point of view) should be made cheaper.

But the effect of the addition thus made to
the mass of vendible commodities by bullion is different
from the effect mad produced by the addition
of any other sort of article: for bullion being
convertible into money in the literal sense, and
without exchange, the effect of an increase in the
quantity of bullion can scarcely take place to any
considerable amount without producing a correspondent
addition to the mass of money. Bullion like
any other article is subject to a glut the depreciation resulting from a glut. When therefore the
supposed fresh influx of bullion has met with all
the custom that can be afforded to it by the demand
for plate i:e: by that quantity of demand which
the quantity of wealth of other kinds is adequate to
the production of — a demand for that additional quantity which
the circumstance of people the inhabitants of the country
taken together enable them put them in a condition to afford, and wherever
it can not with a certain degree of profit be sent
out of the country for the purchase of other goods,
it must some other employment, or be kept
to a loss.

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