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7 1a. Annuity Notes 44.

Ch . Miscell. Effects . Other part , but it is said in much larger
proportion bears an interest — the sort of interest
that has already been described — 2 — and Country Banker's paper. nominally in
some instances upon a par with that proposed
to be allowed in the proposed Government paper :
really in effect in all instances considerably less.

Two causes — either of them sufficient — will
conspire to the expulsion of this paper . In
the first plan nobody would issue it — in
the next plan nobody would take it .

Nobody Mr Banker would issue it although he
certain of its being taken . For by keeping the his
money in the form of Annuity Note paper he will
make 3 per Cent of it ; and by lending it out ,
after paying the interest he will have to pay for
it — supposing it to be but 2 1/2 , the laws against
money will not admitt of his making, so much as
he would make of it as above by keeping it.

No individual would accept of 2 1/4 , 2 1/2
or 2 3/4 per Cent of a private Banker , and in
the personal security of a private Banker ,, when from
Government and in Government security he could
get three per Cent and in the way of circulation , without the trouble of for the Banker's ship—.

Of calculation . He could not exempt a customer from the trouble of coming to his shop Thus much appear quite sufficient . Were it
worth while to look further it would be seen that a
private Banker were to seem to it even possible for him to offer higher interest ,
could never hope to draw off a nough customers from the
Government paper .. He could give no Talk to save the trouble of

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