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Annuity Notes
Ch. Micell Effects -

§ Miscellaneous Effects of the Annuity Note Paper
at different stages periods - of its existence

The effects of produced by the Annuity Note paper in the
course of the first period will be as follows.
1. In proportion as it extends — as the emission
of it increases, it will expell Bank of England
and Bankers paper.

23. * 3 *. It will add to the
quantity of currency
in circulation, when
it rises beyond the
amount of both papers
plus the amount
of what is hoarded for
permanent Annuities income

So soon as the quantity issued shall have over and above
come to exceed the joint quantity composed of the what is absorbed and taken out of the circulation by the customers
for Petty Permanent Annuities shall <add>should have come to exceed the</add> quantity of Bank and Bankers paper in existence
at the commencement of the issue, added to the it will
thereafter <add>thenceforward</add> begin to make an addition to the quantity of currency
actually in circulation

4. The addition will
continue, till it comes
to be hoarded by the
customers for permanent
income in a large sale
which will be as soon as
it comes to be as
cheap as Stock, by
Stocks being up at par,

34. The addition thus made to increase,
till, partly by the operation of the existing Sinking
Funds, partly by the operation of this proposed new Sinking
fund, resulting of composed of the produce of the Sale
of Annuity Notes of this proposed paper, three per Cent Stock Annuities
have been raised to par, or within view as it were a few per cent of
par. At this period epoch, as Stock Annuities will by the
supposition cease to render any higher rate of interest
than that which is rendered by the proposed Note Annuities, as Stock Annuities have no advantage in any
other respect over Note Annuities, and Note Annuities
are more advantageous in several respects than Stock
Annuities, those who before were customers the money that before went exclusively to
the market for Stock Annuities in contradistinction
to the market for Note Annuities, will now be apply itself either
Perhaps it may be
added, or within
view as were of
: view the
prospect of the arrival
of that period, and the
operations that which it may be
expected to usher in
may be
disposed supposed to
produce an influence on
the conduct of parties interested
before the actual
arrival of it.

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