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Annuity Notes
Ch. Miscell. Effects.

7(a) Note continues 7(a)
Note continued
Adam Smith

This property of making an addition to the
mass of wealth is not the exclusive prerogative of
the proposed paper. It is shared with it, and
possessed in an equal degree, sum for sum, by
Bank and Banker's paper. What difference there
is regards not the amount quantum of the addition supposing
it to remain but the security - i:e. the
certainty of its remaining. Bank and Banker's paper
being essentially brittle to lose its value the proposed paper being
essentially impregnable - exempt from the danger
of its losing any thing of its value. Putting this
difference in front of solidity what follows will apply
equally to all those species of current money: hard cash
Bank and Bankers paper - and the proposed Annuity
note paper.

False any gross large mass of money of either any
one of the three kind, suppose (say 4 millions' worth) which on the and
let it be supposed to be introduced on a sudden into the country
on a sudden, that is within the compass of a short time say a
year: this being the case whether the addition it continues to make to the quantity of wealth of all sorts when together during
a given space of time. (say that same year and another)
shall be a clear one, will depend in the first place
upon its continuancy in the country or being exported during that time, is in the
course of that time being exported. If exported
the addition will be all clear and employd in the purchase
of commodities of real use (corn suppose and timber)
the addition will be all clear. (e)
It is only with
shape of gold and silver
that the supposed
of money can
be neither
Bank or Bankers paper nor Annuity
Note paper can be
expected to be taken in
any such considerable
quantity by foreigners resident

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