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"one lumped sum" The number of apprentices & times they were employed are
now specified, by which it appears that the whole sum of £909: 9: 7½ if
divided by the number of days work would gives almost / per day as the rate
of payment. — On this head I have to observe that the difficulty and expense
of procuring shipwrights to do the work to be done by shipwrights out of their time, together
with other reasons which might form the subject of a separate letter,
induced me + + in the way of experiment
for the purposes
in of conveying
the means of
a stock of manual labour
applicable to this
important purpose
but there is no occasion to
have recourse to any such
problematical fortuitous

to engage several lads as apprentices; some of whom were [] [] some of whom were stout
lads capable of doing
much more than can be done
done by apprentices of the
usual age and they had

the above mentioned
rate of their expense incurred on their account standing as it does in
place of wages, makes the expense of their work by the day less
than the ordinary rate of pay of apprentices during their first year in
a D:Y: — but in regard to the quantity of work performed, those at Redbridge
I believe would be found upon inquiry to am confident have done considerably
more than the apprentices of a DY perform during their first year — for
some time while employed in laying the Decks of the Dart & Arrow &
in some other work, when particular attention was paid to what they did - when this work was separated
from the rest
the appren lads in question performed executed as much work
each of them in a day as would by measurement have amounted to from
9s/ to 10/6 - It will appear by the continuation of Helbys accounts
that the actual expense of these apprentices amounts latterly to now no more
than / per day, although they are at present so far advanced of
in their profession apprenticeship as in a DY would entitle their master to receive
Wages for them at the rate of / per day.

Art 2 & 3 "House rent & lodgings" The house rent lodgings & housekeeping were
for the several persons who occasionally attended at Redbridge for the purpose
of affording their advice & assistance in the conduct of the experiment construction & fitting of the Vessels
Persons who could not be supposed to put bear these extra expenses themselves, to & this
mode adopted of boarding then was adopted as being economical. Mr
Upsal has now made out with a very considerable degree of accuracy the particulars of the times the Gentlemen in question
resided at Redbridge. but unless particularly called for I should be <add>shall not do able to produce it</add>

5 "To Mr Henry Peake" On this head I must beg permission to call their Ldsps
attention to the peculiar circumstances under which I have reaped the benefit
of Mr Peakes advice & assistance in this as well as in several other

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