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Annuity Notes
Ch. Miscell. Effects

11 - Still more of
a gap should be
made in it by the
sudden expulsion of
Bankers paper

1.1 11 This gain will be greater, but in a proportion
not capable of being ascertained designated, even in the
above loose way, if it should so happen that
the extinction subduction <add>efflux</add> of the Banker and Bankers paper
should be sudden in any degree, viz: in so
far as to get the start of the influx addition
made to the currency by the influx of the proposed
Annuity Note paper: and the addition to
the gain will of course be in proportion to the
magnitude of the intervening intermediate void.

12. after the addition
to the currency, the
gain will receive a
diminution proportion
to the addition though
in a small ratio.

15 9. 12 In regard to such part of the "voluntary
sellers out when sales do efflux out of the Stocks does not take place till after
a clear addition has been begun to be made by
the proposed Annuity Note paper to the mass of
currency, the gap void produced by the exp efflux
of the Bank and Bankers paper having been been
filled up the rate of their profit will undergo
a diminution to a certain degree by the consequent
depretiation in the value of money, as above
explained in No 4. 4

13. Persons
to discount Bills &c
with Country Bankers, will
be put to inconvenience

16. 13 In the instance of such persons who whether
in the way of direct borrowing, on their own account or by getting Bills
of Exchange discounted, or otherwise have been in
the habit of obtaining temporary supplies from Bankers,
and of trusting to placing their dependence on those supplies or for the
continuance of their respective trades and occupations,
a degree of inconvenience and loss cannot but be
sustained, and that not an inconsiderable one in
consequence of the measure.

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