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Annuity Notes
Ch. Miscell Effects

Effect a Mortgage
(1) Effect in the measure
on the rate
of interest on Mortgage

22 17. 19 Of Concerning the influence of the measure on the rate of
interest paid on given for money secured by mortgage,
it seems scarce worth while a for the present purpose
to institute a separate enquiry. The rate
of interest in this superior security will be exposed
to the action of the same pair of conflicting causes
as in the case of personal security, as just
mentioned. The same mass of money it may be observed
is not in every part of it indifferently applicable
to both these purposes. Some of the many that was kept out of
the Stocks by fear of
their depretiation, may
be invested in this
shape, now that an
account of the assurance
it affords against depretiation.

Money must be at
a man's command for a considerable length of time
for a number of years at least for it to be worth his while generally speaking to invest it in the a sort
of security. the obtainment of which is attended with
so much delay, expense and trouble and expense:
unless it be in the particular case where the
apparent profit is increased receives is made to receive an increase
by a share in the profit upon attached to the
expense of conveyance. (a)

Compound may be made
in Annuity Note paper
but can not in Mortgage

19 (a) Where accumulation - and long
continued accumulation - is the object the / 3 per Cent
yielded by Annuity Note paper will do more
than 4 per Cent upon mortgage.Upon mortgage,
compound interest is practically speaking
impossible. Upon Upon Annuity Note paper com is a
species of security (and as will be seen <add> been seen , the only species of security) on which</del></add>
compound interest is obtainable to a certainty (barring
the contingency of being paid off) and it is perhaps is obtainable by
the measure of to a certainty: not to repeat
what has been shewn already that in truth it
is the only species of security by which that species of advantage
is in reality to be obtained. For at simple interest
at 4 per cent, a given sum requires 24 years to double it. whereas

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