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Vessel accounts 3

an expense not noted in I might say any instance, — the waste
of timber cut up into chips, but charged to the vessel — the shoring & staging
renewed for the most part on the occasion of each individual ship —
— the employment of more expensive materials than are necessary, in
some cases inducing the necessity of extra workmanship to reduce convert
them to their use; an instance of which was about to take place
on board the that was though it happened to be timely
observed by Mr Peake & prevented; it was that inch plank
was brought to the vessel to be reduced to inch by
the axe; in the same vessel one of the Artificers was particularly
noticed by the Naval Officers on board to have passed many successive
days without performing a stroke of work — these &
similar sources of unusual expense could not have failed to have attended
every part of the work which should have been done in
the DY, since the novelty of the mode of construction could not while it rendered it
not but have rendered it on the head a was thereby rendered difficult throughout by reason of works occasional aterations to gauge the
workmanship done by the accustomed standard, to appreciate the
value & quantity of materials employed the
on the but have served as a cloak to these sources of expense.
In one instance that has
fallen within my knowledge of
an estimate for the repairs of a vessel in a DY
a middling repair of the Sloop Discovery carrying 10
guns underwent a middling repair
in the year 1797 which was to cost
for Hull Masts & Yards £4,700
the date of the colinate was
17th Novr. 1796.

— If done by contract the items of expense would never have been
shewn, but there would have been a profit charged to counted the of have
covered them, which & in cases at all irregular that profit
would probably have been much greater than the amount of
those items — if their Lordships may wish to see instances of this, they
have only to turn to the expense of repairs of Vessels a done by Contract - in
these cases I cannot but suppose that where there was any latitude
which the terms of a contract could not meet, the expenses
I cannot but suppose have always been very great — on account of the price
cost expense of the repairs while has in one instance has happened to fall
into my hands, it was of the Amphitrite 36 24 gun frigate completed in the
but so soon as anything is
left to the discretion of the
Contractor in those cases in which
require superior intelligence
to adapt the
so as to afford a Check to
the personal of the

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