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Annuity Notes
Ch. Miscell Effects

Period III
2 4. All the while, though the price marketable value of this article
will by reason of the causes justmentioned:
be incapable of unsusceptible of rise any degree [+] of rise greater than as above, the scarcity
[+] any rise greater
than as above

of it in the market will be great, and
increasing with accumulated rapidity every day:
At the rapidity of
the redemption will
keep down the
at the same time
that it increases the
scarcity, it will be

and the effect of that scarcity will be — not to
produce an increasing eagerness — not to give purchase
— and purchase at an advanced price — this paper of the first emission at an
advanced price this being a disposition which this being no longer to be done [+]
[+] the period time <add>the event</add> being
now arrived taken place
from and after reckoning from which
the emission of
Annuity Note paper
at the rate of interest
in question is
(according to Art. 8 &
9) to be closed,

the immediate prospect of its impending extension
renders impossible — but any such other
paper of a second emission as shall be expected
to succeed it - and that at a time proportioned
to the apparent length of time it will leave to appear likely to
rise, before the time comes for it to be redeemed.

Ultimately increasing
the motive inducement for
buying in in the
new (second) issue.

And the sale
of the new issue
will will by the redemption

furnishes be reciprocally
giving fresh rapidity to the old.

5. Such second emission will be at once alternately effect
and cause in regard relation to the redemption of the
paper of the first emission. For By every £500 worth
of the first second emission paid off issued £500 will be risen.
of which £400 will pay off an a mass of Old Annuity equal
to the mass of New Annuity created, leaving £100
neat to be employ'd in the redemption of a correspondent
portion of the Old Annuity. By this means
so much more money will be forced into the market
for the purchase of more New Annuities, and by the
sale of them more surplus money will be produced to be employd
in the purchase of more of the Old Annuities:
and so on in a perpetual round or rather vibration.

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