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Annuity Notes
Ch. Miscell effects
continued -

Period III
Notes of the New
Issue when
taken out by
Non Hoarders,
will while they
remain in such
hands go to add
to the currency in
circulation —
and the weight
of them will be so long
taken off from
the market for
permanent income.

58. When a man an expelled Note holder Old Annuitant, having thus for the sake
of a temporary employment for his money bought into
the New Annuities, and having in process of time met
with another employment more advantageous, has
with his New Annuities, for the purpose of investing
the his capital in in the more profitable employment
in question, the effect will be to make an
addition to the quantity of circulating capital
of the country: — to the quantity of money
and money's worth administering to trade in the
quality of capital.

Suppose for instance the amount of his
property in this shape in the Old Annuities had
been £5000, producing him £150 a year upon
which finding it sufficient he had been used to live. This £5000
Old Annuities being paid off This £150 being redeemed
by the payment of the £5000, and for this
£5000 no more greater £120 a year and no more
being to be purchased in the New Annuities, he finds
it necessary to and that an income to this amount
being regarded as insufficient for his maintenance,
to supply the deficiency he determines to employ
his capital and does accordingly employ it in a
different way by throwing it into trade does not diminish
per the demand for this paper on the score of
permanent income: it is will <add>need</add> not, will not be offered to any
one or more person. in the lump, having a demand for it in the
shape of a permanent source of income: it will be
thrown into circulation and disposed among different
hands just as so much hard cash would on
the same occasion be dispersed: if it were already in
Notes of a degree of smallness adapted to the purpose, [+]1 then
[+]1 the very Notes themselves
which had served for income
would thus serve
for capital without

Notes would thus be employd themselves and without being
exchanged: if the Notes in question were happened not to small enough [+]2
[+]2 all that would
the difference would be
that they would be
exchanged for others
that were small enough.

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