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Dean ing

Two interpretations
for repelling from
Church of England the
epithet new.
1. Rome born with
England in her womb,
thus both of the same
2. Sister of Melchisedec,
2. England part born,
in her sleep impregnated
by Satan brought forth
Whore of Babylon

Whenever it was — at any rate a time sufficiently distant to stand clear of the imputation
of novelty — whenever
it was

that Holy Mother Church — the Church
of Rome came into the world, she came in to that
wicked place with Holy Mother Church power — the Church
of England ready formed in her womb: and thus it was
that mother and daughter were are of the same age. —
Another interpretation by another hand — Holy Mother
Church of England was the first born of all Mother Churches.
How was into the The time at which she came into this
wicked world was at least as early as that in
which Jesus left it.[+]
[+] Full sister to
Melchisedec she had
no other father and
mother than those
who were so happy
in beholding in the
person of their offspring
that King of P.
first and greatest of all
tithe gathers — the
King of Peace

By the impregnation of wishings of Satan
which a misfortune which to so Holy a person could not have happened but in her sleep, she
became pregnant conceived, and in process of time, with infinite
pain to herself, became was delivered of that reprobate and
impostrous daughter of hers, who afterwards under the name
of the Whore of Babylon, became so rotten and so

9 Of such metaphorical
trash is such mens
religion composed,
those who will not
swallow it they
strive to persecute
and oppress.

Of Holy Mother Church of England, and of Holy or Unholy
Mother Church of Rome, in minds a mind such as this Very Reverend
mind, the genealogy is in one or other of these wises.

It is of metaphorical trash such as this that the
religion of such men is composed: and finding no honest
men that will swallow it, Hence it is that in their cups sight all honest
men become in their eyes objects of enmity
and by Gods grace, victims of either of persecution consummated outright
itself, or of oppression through the fear of it.

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