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No III A + 1

Append. III
Dean Andrews


Session 1816. No of the papers 179. Date of the Order for
Printing 28 March 1816 Title Further Papers relating
to Excise Prosecutions

Appendix. No III. Sentiments manifested by
Dean Andrews and Mr Vansittart and two other Lords Affection manifested
of the Treasury by them towards the great body of their fellow subjects people by whom they are
out of whose purse substance they pay themselves people and towards — from the original
documents printed by papers of the House of Commons.

Instances produced
to shew the moral
tendency operation of the Catechism
in public mind
1. Products of intolerance
as above

The case Of the sort of disposition which it is
the tendency of Church of Englandism in general, and its
chief instrument the Catechism in particular, to produce
in the minds of those who are impregnated with it one particular feature
viz. intolerance including hatred malice and
all uncharitableness has already been brought to view
as exemplified
in the person of one such
has already been brought to view one feature viz. in
modern language intolerance: in scripture language hatred
malice and all uncharitableness

2 Mischief shewn in
the ensuing instance
as more complicated
It operates in two
situations, sacred
and profane. Begin
with sacred.

Of the other features is of a more complicated
description is more complicated. [It may be better on several accounts
that the proper denomination adopted to its nature
should be collected by the reader than stated by the
writer in plain terms.]

The effects of the In two different situations
the one a sacred, the other a profane one may the
effects of the cause in question be seen exemplified in
the present instance. [To the Church it belongs to precede walk before: to the state
The present instance: is that of a With the Church
to follow after next 1 after the Blood Royal, and before the Lord High Lordship of the
Chancellor in walks the Grace of the Archbishop of Canterbury. With the Church therefore
[as did the heathen
with her archetype
Jove,] let us therefore

Church stands first,
with Church let us commence.

as and exercising the freedom for the head of
the Church to the person of the Archbishop of Canterbury an
over the head of the state under the Royal Family in
the Chancellor

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