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21 April 1816 3

Appen. III
Dean Andrews


Declared Reasons for
1. To prevent evil & duty
viz. not the defrauding
the revenue — not the
endangering health.

Why then thus interfere? Answer — "To prevent evil."
For says the very Reverend divine — so profound his wisdom,
so delicate his conscience — "I think it my duty to prevent
evil." — What evil? The evil of defrauding the
Revenue? No: in his estimation catalogue of evils evil in this shape the defrauding the revenue
has no place: in his edition of the Bible the text about commanding
the rendering unto Cæsar the things that are Cæsars — is
at least in his remembrance is not to be found. What

But the lessening of
"influence": viz. of
"a useful man."

evil then? Answer — The evil of highly endangering the
health of his Majestys subjects? No: for of this nor this neither in his eyes no
one shall presently find him declaring, in almost little less than express terms does not wear possess the
character of an evil. What evil then? Answer — That
sort of evil which consists in the lessening of "influence":
for a maxim derived derivable from this same receptacle of piety and fountain of wisdom
is that to "lessen the influence of a useful man unnecessarily
"is a great evil," and ever since I have known
him (and without saying how long that is) he has appeared to me says continues
the Dean so good a
man, and so useful
a magistrate that
I should be sorry to
very sorry to have
that usefulness diminished
by and
so forth.

Not said what influence,
nor to what applied.
But this is
known by situation of
addressor and do of
addressee: viz. Treasury

Influence in what particular end exerted purpose applied
useful in what particular way useful? this is not said
nor is it necessary. The letter was To whom was this letter addressed? not only
to the Secretary of the Treasury: and of what sort of Treasury
will be seen presently. By whom was it addressed?
By his acquaintance the Dean of Canterbury, and moreover
the Rector of the Parish of which every thing that
is courtly every thing that that is Royal Princely — every thing that is official — [of which Government
itself for that is the phrase for Administration] is
parishioner. for these have For — so it is and without
any mystery — the possession of the overpaid place and
the sinecure — the place for which little as dean and this
little useless — and the place the possessor for which nothing at all
is done, or so much as undertaken to be done — these two, are as is the custom, one.

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