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21 April 1816 5

Appendix III
Dean Andrews


Only Ale-Drinkers

Quere Ale-drinkers
why not worth regarding?

Now then what is there in the class of persons stated Ale-drinkers — what can there be that
should render any such injury to health
a matter which concerns none but them not worth
attending to an evil to which nobody no persons is subjected
but them subjected exposed to not worth preventing?

For answer, see as
above situations of
addressee and addressor

1. In drinking Ale
no blame: if yes,
so good a man would
not have brewed it.

Sole reason why
the health of the
sufferers is not worth
regarding is — that
they are poor and
mean: swinish &c.

Tis an interpretation as must soon given have reasons
to the two correspondent situations the situation of the person
addressing and the situation of the persons addressed. In the
drinking of ale, if it were ale as the in contra-
in cont
distinction to wine and ardent spirits (for water is out of in a case of this sort water is unfortunately out
of the question

the question) is there any harm? There can not be No surely, for
if there were so good a man, and he a useful magistrate
to boot, would not never have been concerned in making
it. No, need it be mentioned? the innoxiousness
uninjuriousness of the position consists in this that
the persons injured by it are no others than such as belong to no others
class than that which among by the class to which the his parties to the correspondence
belong is denominated by so many such a variety of
synonyms — such as the vulgar the mob, the people whom nobody
knows, knows. No imit the people who have nothing to do no business with the control
to obey them; to obey them, viz. while those who are to whose business it is sworn to enforce
them violate them.

Inference Andrews
never drinks Ale:
if yes he would not
thus despise Ale-

[One thing one any body may here venture to say, which is that
the being Reverend intercessor down that very Reverend throat
no such vulgar liquor as ale, [or as beer in any shape
or any denomination] ever finds its way, for in the opposite
this and no better
case what concerns these throats down which it does pass find its way
would not have been regarded as a matter of such entire indifference.]

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