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Dean Andrews


no stop of the pen in be imputed
negligent oversight
in other impudent directions
imprudently made of sentiments unfit to be entertained

Phrase short, meaning
simple. Where
a man speaks not
and plain, paraphrases
may be substitution:
meaning or they

Only Ale-drinkers The phrase is short: but more surely was phrase
more expressive. When a man speaks at length and
plainly comment paraphrase may be unnecessary and
at any rate stands exposed to the imputation of injustice.
But when so much more is expressed or meant than a meaning is conveyed than
is expressed — when the offence of a page is condensed into
two words, comment must be made what is invit
must be enveloped comment must be made or
jus truth can not be brought to light, justice can not
be done

Effects of the offence
distributing disease
by a slow poison —
this not denied.

Only ale drinking. That injury to the instance of a multitude of persons
to an indefinite amount injury to health instance of this sort which
Only ale-drinkers — such is the description by which
The per
is the effect of a slow poison — such is the
proposition to which position of the truth of which a persuasion the existence, whether correct or no, is implicitly
so far from being denied is implicitly asserted and

The offence trade
as blameless: sole
reason, poisonees
only ale-drinkers.
Thus by a figure
for poor or non-

Only ale-drinkers. By the word only if it means any where it ever
any thing a distinction is here made, and by means in pursuance of
it the population of the country divided into two classes opp
In one Of these class One this one composed of those who do not the other
of them who do drink ale in a proportion so considerable
as that by any such unwholesome drugs which as the brewer
may find his account in employing with brewing manufacturing of
it bodily health is in this instance liable to be injured
by it. In a word by a mode of speech not the
less familiar by for being figurative, by non ale drinkers being
understand people who are rich enough to have a claim to regard
or to speak in general,
the rich

on the part in the breasts of men or offer or in our case the rich: by ale drinkers are meant all such
as are not rich enough to possess that advantage, or in one word
the poor, or those rather for the anathema is more extensive who have not wealth enough to be numbered among the rich

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