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27 Apr. 1816 B + 13

Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart


Certainly Andrews's,
these sentiments were
probably Vansittart's

That such were the sentiments of the very Reverend the Rector of St James
is altogether certain: that the like were the sentiments of the Right Honourable
Gentleman for whose edification they were intended may be set down as little less so.

To Downing Street the Treasury Chambers it was that this letter found its way rest on its
departure dispatch from the St James's Rectory House in Picadilly

In him it found sympathy:
not for f,
but nor poisonees (because
ale drinkers) but
the useful man
who kept his coach
by poisoning them.

In the breast of Mr Vansittart the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the letter of the very Reverend Sinecurist
found or was what it reckoned upon, a receptacle full
of sympathy. Yes: Of sympathy. But for whom? of the individuals
who had may have been poiso for whom poison was preparing while
the fraud was putting upon the revenue? Oh no: these
were no better than ale-drinkers. The whole stock of that
pr backer was engrossed by the good and "useful" man
of at in whose favour the equipage Coach which had so long been sitting set up on the profits
of trade thus carried on afforded sufficient evidence of his
not belonging to any such abject vulgar herd.

Every Letter dict
Defendant's pleas false
and gr Philosophically
confused Van
dictates the Th
rusting this.
For the poisoned multitudes
not a thought:
all for the useful one

In due form of office, and with that emphasis sort of philosophy with
which all public evidence of distress is viewed heard by him Mr Vansittart
sits by and either hears or dictates the minutes
in which "the Commissioners of Excise state are stated as representing the defendant to
be" under prosecution for putting poisonous unlawful and
poisonous ingredients into the beer brewed by him in
which (says the Minute were in which Report) the Commissioners
state there the representations of the party are false
and groundless, and that in their opinion he is not intitled
to the least favourable regard. For By Mr Vansittart the condition of the
individuals in a number altogether indefinite who
at the moment might be lying on the bed of sickness
which the good auth and useful Person author of it was sitting about in his
Coach Chariot door is so much as a single sign of thought
vouchsafed? — no more than by the Emperor of Morocco.
All his thoughts sympathies are ingrossed by the "person whose character
"and conduct (says the same Minute) are stated to
"have been so honourable to himself, and beneficial to the
"community: of all honourableness and beneficiality be it
observed there is not a
tittle of evidence or than
the vague generalities
got up for the purpose by
of the very Reverend most very Honoured Court Sinecurist
and his Co-intercessors.

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