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25 Apr. *C + 24

Note 1
2. Van


or 1
1. No evidence without
treachery. No access
to perception, but by
servantship: by a
Servant, in disclosing
of Masters delinquency
without treachery: and
in vulgar and
minds the odium indiscriminately
to the word.

or 2
2. Accordingly, legislators
endeavour to sow
delinquents path with
seeds of treachery:
Man-traps and Spring-


(a) Yard. Chamber Store-room, Chest, Vat Barrel, box — whatsoever
be the nature and name of the receptacle, nobody be the
who has access of contents of it be ever so disastrously perniciously amply fraught with mischief
nobody who has not access to it can give afford any
evidence or information of those contents. Generally speaking In manufacturies
in general but more particularly in a manufactory
in which any thing illegal is carried on nobody
has access but the persons ample who whether under the general name of
servants or under some other name more particular name,
are employed in it. Whatsoever illegal practices are
carried on in it, no by no such servant can for any
such purpose or to any such effect, as that of bringing
the offence and the offender to justice can any such evidence
or information be afforded without his bringing subjecting
upon himself to the reproach imputation which in vulgar current language
such is the imperfection of language that instrument — with many —bears the
name of treachery: and yes: or in vulgar and narrow
minds will expose be apt to subject him to the odium associated attached
with that name. Of To all this, the framers of the body
of revenue laws — not to speak of other laws, have
been duly more or less sensible: and strange indeed it would have
been if in any instance they could have failed of had not been so.
being so. Accordingly their object their all-pervading
object has been to plant establish in every such track of delinquency
a perpetual and manifest scorn of such this species of treachery
This Such is the object and such[+] is the effect of the rewards
offered for information to informers.

[+] to sow strew the spot all over with
Man-traps and
Spring guns.

[+] when not prevented
by vulgar prejudice in
low or corruption in high

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