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24 Apr. 25

Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart


or 3
3 — and rightly.
Treachery is bad or
good according to the
transaction: transaction good
or innoxious, treachery bad:
transaction noxious,
treachery good.

In thus taking the only chance for the accomplishing
of a necessary purpose what has that has been to vast an extent has been done by the legislation
is it right or is it wrong or is it right?
Of every thing that is or can be done by men, the only
rational end is happiness: the happiness of the individual
or of some greater number. The Morality which if any
such there was which is are not to conducive to that end would not be
merit but mischief and folly.

or 4
4. True: Government
may be so bad, subversion
of it may be
virtue: plot for subverting
it, virtuous though , treachery
to such a plot, vitious.
In some eyes such may
his government be
but is it so in his

Treachery Of treachery the effects
and tendency are different and are opposite according
to the nature of the business the concern transaction and occasion in which it
exercises manifests itself. In all On the occasion of every transaction which is [at
the same time lawful and] innoxious, treachery is
improbity and vice: in every every transaction which
is preponderantly noxious treachery is if not either laudable is at least
not ill-laudable illaudable. It is by fidelity among
persons engaged in innoxious transactions is one of the bonds by which that society
is kept together Among persons engaged in noxious
transactions not fidelity by treachery adherence to
engagement but violation of engagement — not fidelity
but treachery — for such must be the word untill
language shall afford some other not thus spoilt unfilled for
use in matter of the bonds by which [society is held
the same object is accomplished secured.

or 5
5. Transaction not only
but noxious,
fidelity is treachery,
treachery, not vice
but atonement.

or 6
6. By these principles the
more inexorably and
success or delinquency
will be rendered the more
hopeless, delinquency the
more rare
the more

[+] A government may
To such a degree
may a government be
corrupt that to destroy subvert
it or to endeavour to destroy
it may howsoever
punishable and thus
criminal to subvert
it or endeavour to subvert
it, so far from
being vice may be
heroic virtue. In some
mens view of the matter,
this may be the case with
Mr Vansittart's government.
But is it so in their own view he takes of it?

Yes, but when delinquency is not only criminal but
noxious, fidelity to associates accomplices or it is not virtue but pervading
vice mischief: treachery if such must be the word for the sacrifice
of associates accomplices is not vice wickedness vice but an atonement
for wickedness.

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