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25 Apr. 1816 26

Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart
No evidence
Laws inconsistent

3 1

Such are the principles by which the more perseveringly
and all comprehensively extensively they are acted upon, success in noxious
delinquency will be rendered the more hopeless, noxious delinquency
rendered the more rare, and innocence, and upon occasion virtue substituted to it.

or 7
7. Per contra to the
sinister interest which
he shews with the
of the ruling and influential
few, the
adds one of law men,
by which the more
extensive sinister interest
is liable to be obstructed.

To that general sinister interest which they possess in common
with the rest of the ruling and influential few, lawyers the man of law men
of law add a more particular sinister interest of their his own which in
some of its operation is liable to afford more or less
of obstruction to the more general extensive sinister interest in which they he is
are but a st participators. Legislators by their statute law
the laws of their own making — by the branch of law
called the statute law legislators as above offer rewards for evidence. Judges

or 8
8. By legislators rewards
are offered for
evidence. By Judges
these laws are repealed.
Reasons. 1. For £50 a
man will speak truth
ergo, perjure himself
2. By patent bias
every Juryman will
be deceived: by latent
none. To each rule
groundless and inconsistent
exceptions numberless.

By that more efficient and only immediately and efficient branch of law which under the name
of common law or unwritten law which is of their make,
Judges repeal annul and repeal in effect that law and say declare that evidence
of any such reward will be earned by it or is expected
for it the evidence shall not be heard. For £50.0 A man will
speak the truth: for therefore for the same money he will
perjure himself for the same money: such is their logic
no man by whom advantage in any pecuniary shape
can be expected will ever speak truth truly: no man will by
advantage in any other shape be induced to speak one
truly: by no man on whose instance the advantage profit obtainable
by falshood is manifest will deception ever fail
of being produced: by no man on whose instance the
advantage obtainable by falshood is undiscovered and undiscernable
will deception ever be produced. Of this stamp each
provided with a cluster of groundless and inconsistent
exceptions by which half its efficiency is eaten out
are composed these laws of evidence.

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