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25 Apr 1816 28

Note C
Append. III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart
No evidence
Laws inconsistent
Catechism the cause

5 3

or 13
From this mass of
inconsistencies, troubled
waters in which lawyers
fish. By Treasury corruption
some delinquents
are let off; others by lawyers
as foxes by hunters
Hunt 1. Fair trade
starved: consumer
more heavily taxed
Still the system holds
together — every thing
is as it should be

Out of this mass system of contradictions inconsistencies of was made to
flow that flood of troubled waters in which lawyers lawyers for a
lawyer their gain learn to fish. Of this the many who offend
some are prosecuted: of these who are prosecuted some
are let off by corruptive influence for the benefit of the Chancellor of the Exchequer
and his Ministers, some are let off by quibbles
for the benefit of the lawyers, as foxes are let off
lest the breed should be lost, [and fox hunters die of the
[+] and the lawyer and Chancellor Rosslyns
prophecy is fulfilled
no cause is so desperate
as to indefensible

The fair trader is thus oppressed starved: the the consumers
who will not deal unless he deals with smugglers] more and more heavily taxed;
but still the system holds together, and every thing is
as it should be
so long as it does hold together, every
thing is as it should be.

or 14
Uses here of the
Catechism —
1. Habituating men
to falshood in every
shape — principle and
2. — of perjury, so much
the better: the less they
will boggle in any thing.

To return Of the Church formulary which is the main subject of this formulary
— One of its main uses is to habituate men
to f falshood in every shape — in principle and
in practice: if in the shape if perjury so much the
better: since he in the instance of he who boggles not at it in this
shape, will not, it may well be supposed boggle at
it in any other.

or 15
By a Jury, of whom
from one to eleven, in
case of difference of opinion
are perjured, a delinquent
is convicted on
evidence of a witness
who, if not prepared
to perjure himself would
not be there.

By a Jury set of twelve Jurymen
of whom from one to eleven are perjured as often as
those in a difference of opinion a smuggler is convicted
on the word testimony of a witness is two who if they
were not prepared to perjure themselves,
would not be when on being questioned
them as to what brought them there they were not prepared to perjure themselves, would not be there.

or 16
Recently the Jury
perjury system has been
extended to Scotland.
Lawyers may
say Nunc dimittis.

The law and Within these few months the law and the
Church Catechism of England Gospel of the English Catechism have received their compleat fulfilment.
The system of Jury perjury has been the system of
judicial perjury produced by torture has been established in
[:] The English lawyer
has sung his inward
Te Deum Nunc

and for now in the whole island there is not a neck of land in the whole island that is not can be seen that may not be seen defiled
by perjury.

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