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23 Apr. 1816 + 1 29

Append. III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart


☞ This to come in Introduction — Vans case.

or 1
Object been shewn
the influence of Catechism
on morals
Quantity of matter
employable, limited

Among the foremost of its objects this work tract has
the shewing the influence which as far as it prevails
the Church of England system in general, and in particular
how this formulary which is the first stone of it has
on the moral character of those in whom who have been
bred under its influence. In a work of limited extent
the quantity of matter which can be allotted to
this purpose must can not be proportionably limited: and
on such a occasion matter already public are the only sort matter of matter
which especially by an anonymous writer can
on such an occasion will properly be employed.

or 2
Evidence already
1. Ratio of English
criminal offences to
2. In National Society
objects corruption
or damning
all Dissenters m
formed in Reports
of proceedings
3. More enlarged Object of as
avowed by London
Prostration of maintaining
and grill.
4. Church of England
persecution, as for
5. Contempt of poor
as per Dean Andrews

In the instance Of the bulk of the community evidence as dear conclusive
as it is deplorable has been brought to view in and by the
proportion of the number of prosecutions for
criminal offences in England under the influence
if it has any of the Episcopal Church of England compared with
the number of prosecutions of the same description
in the same time under the influence of the Presbyterian
Church of Scotland

In the instance of the writers of the Church the
like evidence has been furnished in the gross higher
view of the manner in which the Society business in which
all the Archbishops and Bishops
self stiled the National
Society is conducted: and in detail by a view of
the characters respectively displayed in the writings of one leading
Bishop and two distinguished Deans.

having for its members
all the Bishops and
those who are not Bishops
being in so small numbers
that with the assistance
of many an layman
whom they can depend upon
they have the whole power
for ever in their hands, having
these for its operating hands
and for its avowed object the consigning immediately to ignorance, and ultimately to Damnation perdition all whose parents shall have declined to bend their
necks under the corruptive yoke.

guilt not to speak of its everlasting consignor
what in their view of the matter is guilt

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