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23 Apr. 1816 31

Append. III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart

3 1

Matters not the proof
of all matters

or 5
Piety, in some a
cause of virtue, in
others a substitute:
material in each
instance to determine

Piety is in some breasts a cause of virtue morality, in
others a substitute, to it virtue, and an atonement made for the want
of. In the case instance of an official person [in whom the so situated
every other mans means of living in so great a degree
depends] it is a matter question of no small interest to determine
as far as circumstances allow the evidence goes in which of the
two characters the affection operates with most effect.

or 6
1. Impunity granted
no doubt of guilt entertained
2. For as good reason
it ought to be granted
to all delinquents.
3. If no corruption
being now any where

What if it should appear that while he was signing
impunity to would not in it was not in human nature the nature of the human
that he mind that in him there should have been the smallest doubt of about guilt?
that for granting the impunity thus granted there was not
so much as the shadow of a pretense that on grounds equally good and
pure impunity may — on all occasions and at all times be gra without any exception be
granted to every public poisoner or every the riotous delinquent
without exception, whose understanding and will be
are found to be or can thus be made to be prostrate
before at the feet of those whose feet the Chancellor
the understanding and will have by the means known to of this Chancellor of the Exchequer
his Lordship and of London been lain prostrate. What
if it should appear that if in the present case corruption be not proved, corruption
though ever so real can more be proved in any case
in which many in the in the form of money can not be proved
to have passed into the corrupted hand?

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