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23 April 1816 32

Append. III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart


☞ Postpone this till after proof made

or 7
Question for Casuist
or British Forum
Corruption a sin,
how many sacraments
drank, or Bibles
distributed necessary
for atonement?

Question for the Casuists, or in default of Casuists
for the British Forum. Supposing that the the defrauding
the situation of a Brewer or in that of a Chancellor
of the Exchequer defrauding the revenue, or highly endangering the
health of his Majesty's subjects, or stopping the course of
justice were sins — not that in any of the catalogues
of sins given by St Paul to any such sins, totedem vivibix
at least are to be found — supposing however for debate
or argument sake these were sins, to make a full atonement
for these sins, in such sort as after their being committed to cause them never
to have been committed, how many copies of
the Bible, at what price each bought by other people, many and at
what price would require to be distributed? By one a
single gram or two small pieces of bread added to one small sip a drop or two of
wine — properly stiled knelt to, and
stiled, and prayed over that these and any other sins in
any number may be at any time after commission be caused never to
have never been committed all them is out of dispute the question. But
with all his piety, while the sacred Table is as far off
as St Jamess Church is from Downing Street a Chancellor
of the Exchequer can not be as so constant an attendant as
he would wish to be: and a less time than what
intervenes between the eating of the bloodless flesh and
the drinking of the fleshless blood, orders might be signed
for the distribution of a list string of bibles that would reach from
Downing Street to the antipodes New South Wales.

mind On so useful and laudable a practice as the dissemination of the seeds
of good learning and good morals far be it from these pages to convey
any sentiments other than those of approbation and applause But
while these good things
which are done so easily done

these things are done, other
good things should not be left
undone, much less such bad things done.

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