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23 Apr. 1816 34

Append. III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart


or 2
Classes of Administrative B
classes: necessarily corrupt
and not necessarily
corrupt: dependent,
and comparatively

Boards of two very different sorts are afforded by
the system of Administration: the one sort uncorrupt sort and
the corrupt: for for shortness sake and saving duplication
by these names adj they may be distinguished designated
The uncorrupt sort are filled by members sitting
during good behaviour; the corrupt by members
sitting during pleasure.

or 3
Non corrupt Excise
and Customs: 2. Corrupt
Treasury and

To the uncorrupt class belong the Boards of Excise
and Customs; to the corrupt the Boards Treasury Board
and the Admiralty Board.

or 4
Being comparatively
independent, Excise
and Customs might
if in the House vote
and speak according to
conscience: therefore
they are excluded

If the members of either
the Excise Board or the Board of Customs, being in so far as concerns depends
their respective powers and salaries independent, were
they to have votes seats in the House of Commons
they might accidental causes of dependence
vote and even operate according to their their the dictates
or their respective
conscience: They are accordingly excluded from the
House of Commons.

or 5
Treasury and Admiralty
never can: therefore

The members of the Treasury Board
and the Admiralty Board being in a state of the most
powerful dependence they have are accordingly seats never any of them without a seat in that
same Honourable House.

or 6
To such perfection is
prostration of understanding
and will

Such is the perfection to which
the "prostration of wil understanding and will," that state
of beatitude
which characterizes the Utopia of his Lordship of London
has been carried exalted in that seat of Government.

or 7
Seldom a majority
but by means of these
puppets to whom an
equal number of
King's Guards would
be a desirable substitute

A matter
which though not quite so a as it might be is what
no man will be found hardy enough to set his hand to the denial
of is that the a great part not to say greater part of what that business which is
passed upon the nation as the free act of that House is the
act of a majority which but for such a set of automatons puppets, thus
dressed up in mens
cloaths, would not
have existed: the few
in which instance any
chance exists of their
having wills of their
being either out numbered or by indolence or dispense of use excluded by men in whose to whose instance the like same number of the Kings Life Guards would be a cheap cheaper, and
an unimposturous an unhypocritical an undeceptitious, and in every respect whatever a most advantageous and desirable substitute.

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