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23 Apr. 1816 35

Append. III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart


or 8
N.B. Misnomer
to stile these not necessarily
corrupt Boards
uncorruptible: viz. so
long as they have
dependents, friends or
capacity of promotion

To represent the members of Boards above, stiled
uncorrupt Boards as absolutely uncorruptible could
be a misrepresentation on every other supposition than
that of the Members or at least the majority of those
acting on each occasion as being altogether utterly destitute
of all relations friends and dependents or capacity of advancement for themselves: all that is
meant because all that ought to be meant is
that in this instance uncorruption is possible, whereas
in the other instance it is not possible.

or 9
By the following
documents will be
exemplified the effects
of the different constitutions
of the two
sorts of Boards

Amongst the In addition to many many other
instructive lights this single case will have the advantage effect
of displaying the effects of what difference
there is between in the constitutions of the two sorts of Boards

or 10
Excise Board stoutly
remonstrating against
stoppings of justice.
Van, without pretense
stopping it notwithstanding.
Hence a
pattern of the justice
expectable at his hands

The uncorrupt Board the Excise Board will be seen
remonstrating representation — in terms of honourable remonstrating
against so notorious a stopping partiality so pretenseless
a stoppage of justice. Mr. Vansittart
not to speak of the two persons buttoned into
that one waistcoat — Mr Vansittart will be seen
taking cognizance of that remonstrance representation — and without
so much as the shadow of a pretense stopping justice.
And in this will may be seen a pattern of that justice and
of that purity which every one whom it may concern
may on each every occasion find see reason to expect
at these hands.

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