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23 Apr. 1816 I + 36

Append. III
Dean A
2. Vansi

4 2

or 1
Pretense for the indulgence
Defendants evidence
in application for impunity
1. His own affidavit
2. Coachmans

Applying f No, that there is not — not so much as the
shadow of a pretense. That which form for form sake
is presented put forward to them to serve as in the character of the required shadow
is not by themselves believed to be true and if it were true
would be nothing to the purpose

It is composed of two Affidavits. The one is from the
Defendant himself, the other is from a servant of his
his Coachman.

or 2
I. Sole contents of his own affidavit
1. His ignorance of
his own business asserted
2. Delinquency to
a smaller amount
confessed — to a larger
not denied

In his own affidavit except that he never had known
any thing at all of his own business what the Defendant
says is a confession that a certain quantity of the unlawful
ingredients (3 lb) was really found upon his premises upon a search made by the Officers
This This must be confessed: and be there not being any more than
this he
But the quantity may have been ever so much
greater for any thing he ventures to say to the contrary,
and yet the smallness of the quantity in addition to the
fact of his never knowing any thing about a business his own business [by which
from a state of penury he has risen to such a height as
to keep his equipage] and the supposed malignity
of a person from with whom the information is supposed to
have originated is the only ground made for the requested
denial of stoppage of the course of justice.

or 3
II. Sole contents of
Coachmans evidence.
In one place searched
by Officers no unlawful

What is the fact? instan the £3 3 lb is was still
and the 14 lb is the remainder of a stock of 56 lb

What says the Coachman. That in the course of
their search the Officers came to a place where he kept
some Corn powders: and from the circumstance of the Coachmans
keeping Corn powders in one place, the inference which he said his
intercessors expect Mr
Vansittart to draw is
that nothing that is known
by any other number of
eyewitnesses of his keeping
unlawful ingredients in
any other place can be true.

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