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24 Apr. 1816 Z? 38

Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart
Indulgence to Abbot p


or 5
Consequence of granting
universal impunity
on such principles
and such evidence —
1. Destruction of this branch
of the revenue —
2. Thence public

Here are two grounds two principles confessedly acted upon by
Mr Vansittart: and he need but act up to his principles
upon either of those grounds and the
destruction of the revenue and the arrival of public state
bankruptcy follows as a necessary consequence

or 6
1. Revenue destroying
principle 1. —
Prosecutor's motive
malice, law ought
not to be executed on

N.B. Prosecution
is itself conclusive
proof of malice

1. The one is as above that of the act only motives the a persuasion
to which the operativeness the fact of the operativeness
of the only motives by which (the except in a case
which scarce ever happens) the law can ever be carried into
effect affords on every occasion a sufficient reason ground and reason
for depriving preventing the law from being carried into effect. Useless
evidence he produced furnished no effect can be given to the law —
but when ruin the very act of furnishing it when ruin to him
against when it operates will be the consequence, the
very act of furnishing it is conclusive proof of motive.
The only person by whom any thing that has place on the spot premises in question
A servant to be instrumental to the ruin of his master?
what can be more malicious?

or 7
Vansittart in confession
1. He wishes revenue preserved
2. — delinquents detected
3. He disallows the only
means of detection

Mr Vansittarts wish is to preserve the revenue.
Mr Vansittarts wish is to see offences by which the
revenue wild be destroyed prevented as the only indispensable means of prevention. Mr Vansittarts
while wish is that such as are committed and detected shall be punished
— but the means which in such offence
can ever be detected, Mr Vansittart will not suffer to
be used.

or 8
Of this principle will
he give the benefit to
all delinquents, or
only to his friends?

To exculpate himself from the imputation of intending an intention to
destroy the country by destroying the revenue what will this sworn guardian
of the revenue find to say? will it be this? Oh but I do not mean
to give impunity to
every body, to all delinquents
without distinction:
only to such
as are useful to me or
mine: only to a few particular
friends, and their friends and their friends, friends.

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