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24 Apr. 1816 C? 39

Dean A
2. Vansittart

[+] But he had no such intention. He had no such intention as
that of ruining the revenue: but intentions of human f
it did not extend beyond the circle of useful circle the circle of the useful part of his friends.

Will he dare to say that he only thus impartially to all
? He has but to do so, and the country is rescued.

Impartiality? that would be worse than any thing: he since became
to defraud cheat the revenue and to have the people in the town let town confirm it to his friends.++

Or 9
II. Revenue destroying
principle 2.
Profitable fraud to
any amount shall
go unpunished, on
condition of a man
saying he knows
nothing of his own

N.B. The whole
penalty would have
been but a small
part of the profit
made by the trade
thus carried on.

2. The other is that on condition of knowing nothing never knowing any
of his own business a man may defraud the revenue
and injure the health of his fellow subjects in any
way and in which to any extent to which he can make a
profit by it. Of never not knowing any thing about his
own business or rather of saying that he does not.

Will let them then be behinds. For eight and twenty years
he has been carrying on his own business without knowing
any thing of the matter. By thus knowing nothing about
the matter he has raised himself risen from penury to the
condition of one who keeps his equipage is in the
commission of the Peace and keeps company with
Court who despise Ale drinkers. By thus knowing
nothing about his own business he is to have all the
profit: but he is to have no part of the loss: for when
the means by which he rose are at last brought to light
and — but for the stoppage of the law, loss would be the
consequence, in steps the piety of the a pious Chancellor of the
Exchequer and with the advice of the Court Confessor,
stops it. A loss and what loss?[+]
[+] a loss by which a
small portion of the
profit would be disgorged done

a loss not amounting
in the which to more than the whole of wh to be measured by a
forfeiture the total of which if proved could not amount
to more than £2620. And what is that to a man who figures
away now his equipage?

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