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25 Apr. 1816 52

Append. III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart
This work


in this state of things what no eye can avoid fail of seeing is can could not be a secret to any body is
what any eye would will see is that if proved upon a
Chancellor of the Exchequer convince necessary prudence would prevent
his friends and confederates colleagues from stirring stirring a
finger in his support: he would be abandoned as
a deer when stricken, a deer deer is by the herd: he would be
abandoned, as the Saint Thornton who went off with
the public money which their piety had got for him
was abandoned by the other Saint Thornton and the
other Saints. Understanding this — [for who under the
stimulus of strong interest could fail of understanding
it —] small indeed would have been be the number of
bribes gathered received into the bribe-taking Chancellors stores
before some delinquent who for a bribe of £100
had got off a sum of £500 and made a profit
had after a course of undetected profit to the amount of £500
had upon detection got been let off for a fine forfeiture of £500, would
come back to the bribe-taking Chancellor — and, full [+]
make reprisals. Full
of "extortionate demands": and at the instigation of the most
"malignant motives" he would come back and say to him with the most "revengeful
"malice", Good Sir, give me back my £500, with
£1,000 of your own or his Majestys to boot, or I
will blow you.
[Having done so once, he or another, when
ever it happened to him to have nothing better to do with
would do it a second time: and thus it would go on
[the part of the pirate Danes being asked by the exonerated delinquent
and the part of King Etherlred the unready by the bribe taking Chancellor

[+] The experiment succeeding
— for how should it
fail of success do otherwise? —
repetition would be
the word,

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