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26 Apr. 1816 53

Append. III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart
This worse than before


until the private Exchequer of the bribe-taking Chancellor
would be left in a state of as perfect inan as
that public Exchequer of which the has the care
bible-distributing Chancellor has the care.

In this way it is that The bribe-taking Chancellor would be sure to be
punished: the bible-distributing Chancellor let him
go on in the same way
till all revenue
is vanished, and
all votes posted nomine
by what
possibility can he ever
be punished?
proceed in the same manner to his lifes end never
can be punished;
for among those things which are most
certain are some of those which in the nature of
things never can be proved. Suppose it certain that in
the case of a Presbyterian by the Rector of St Jamess by the Dean of Canterbury or a man who had voted
and Rector of St Jamess on the wrong side in a Westminster Election given a wrong vote; or the case of a man who
by Sir William Carter in the case of a man had voted on the wrong side in a City of London
Election by by Sir Edward Knatchbull in the case
of a man who had voted on the wrong side in an election
for Kent or Canterbury a man whose by the
malice of whose servant a quantity of unlawful
ingredient had for the first or only time been
dropped into a vat of ale — had suppose such a man
to so circumstanced being himself without reproach had by all these
worthies been left with a wife and a dozen children
to rot stay in a jail till written — for want of a word from
any of them — or notwithstanding the most pressing instance
from all of them still more pressing if possible than those
which have here been seen if possible a Chancellor
of the Exchequer were to have would had have left the law to take its course,
all these suppositions all of them by the supposition
and verified could a of any one of them could so much as a single title be proved? — lest
the question
is self-answered.

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