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23 April 1816 61

Appendix III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart


Yes! Ruin is ready to burst on every head & every day
the causes of ruin it are operating with ever accumulating
force. Ireland has long been bankrupt: by no less a
sum than a year the revenue she
affords has been insufficient for her discharge of the
interest of her debt.+
+The Minister sees
this acknowledged then
stops yet
pretends not so much
as to have a remedy!

Hindustan with her fifty millions
of heavy taxed and vainly groaning subjects have long been in the same state.
constantly incessantly deteriorating Every dependence the country has and she is cursed with
numberless sums is by the amount of the whole cost of
the efficient establishment for government and defence — constant
and occasional, in peace and in war so much
loss to the country. Ireland hanging upon her — Hindustan
hanging upon her — every Colony which she is made to
fund support that the Liverpools and the Vansittarts may have the
pleasure and the profit of sending their dependents to govern it
hanging upon her with continually increasing pressure
in the penal Colony pressing upon her with a might of not
less than £200,000 a year, for the Convict part of
the population which might have been maintained without
expense were sent to the antipodes that they might
be maintained at this expense — all these millstones hanging
upon her neck Britain may be expected every day
to sink under the load. In the already exemplary manifold fate
of Ireland and Hindustan may be seen the momentarily hourly
impending fate of Britain. While the Liverpools and the
Vansittarts of these days were settling the composition of the
undivided and incomprehensible Being, the Roman Empire or transplanted into
Greece crumbled was crumbling into ruins. While the Liverpools and the Van in consummation of their exertion
— British Empire is falling to pieces on the point of falling to pieces,
Liverpools and
Vansittarts of the present
day are paving
the earth with Bibles

While with one and the
same army the Castlereaghs
are sowing the
seeds of hourly expected
users and crushing
beyond hope of resurrection
the constitution
from by the revival of which
the only chance of salvation
is presented

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