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23 Apr. 1816 F? 62

Append. III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart


The Throughout the whole field of government
the interest of the ruling and influential few is in a
state of utter diametrical opposition to the interest of the subject
many: and it is by in the operation of this sinister interest that the
fate lot of the country and every man in it is in a are on every
state of continual dependence. occasion determined. [+]
[+} It is the interest of
the subject many that
in no one actions
needless places and or in
overpaid places and or in
sinecure places and no endless
places should have

It is the interest of the
ruling few and of all those who look up to them for a share
of the plunder it is their interest that needless places
and overpaid places and sinecures should be as abundant
and each of them as profitable profitably burthensome and thereby as
burthensome burthensome and with the exception of a few of the operating ones
far as un filled and the business of them done as badly as possible

as possible. Out of Britain and
Ireland for the defence of Britain and Ireland a standing an army
army is just altogether as needful in the morn as in France
or Hindustan or any other part of this one planet. The ruling
few have an army: the subject many have none
As yet, with only and this a violation of detail
the forms of the Constitution are observed. As In London
as 18 centuries ago in Rome they will continue to be
observed, as long as by their apparent observance, the profitable needful mischief
can be done, with less trouble than by their open violation.
In London as at Rome they will not be
observed a moment longer. In what is done doing in France Spain
or what is doing done in Spain in what is doing or will be
soon be doing and done every where else but in Republican
America, read what not is doing and will ere long
be done in England

The few to whose
option it is desirable
that government as
it has so long been carried
on is neither more
nor less than a system
of regulated plundering.
(that no trusts are to be
but to be looter) these
few and when to a
view perception of this mischief
could add any such
intelligence and able
or should p afford
a hope of remedying
it, these few instead
of having a hand to
stop the plundering,
lie groping for
a share of it.

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