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29 Apr. 1816

Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart
Peele & Ireland

8 ? 1

If in either of these situations consistency were at all in any
degree requisite, here would be something to settle between Mr
Vansittart and Mr Peele.

On the 28 26 of April 1816 Mr Peele Speaking
of the state of Ireland, Mr Peele in his character of Minister
for that country held up to view[+]
[+] (so at least
in the next days Morning Chronicle
of the he is spoken of
as doing)

as a cause of much
mischief — nay and even as a cause of wonder to himself
the "detestation" in which in such certain parts of it
any man is held "who by giving evidence has assisted
"in giving effect to the laws."

Now what has just been shewn forasmuch as where
sinister interest or interest begotten prejudice has thrown the
covers clouds over their self evident propositions require to be brought
to light — what has just been shewn is that in a case
of an offence against the revenue unless by some extremely
rare accident no evidence can be nor c consequently any
conviction can be obtained but from motives to which in
this case with as much propriety as any other the quality
of mutinousness may be ascribed. Now Not content with
ascribing to this detested motive that conduct of by which no other worse an
effect has could have been produced than the giving, as it would have
done had he suffered its effect to the laws there in question
Mr Vansittart on no other ground than the detestableness
of the motive gives impunity to the offender poisons inflicting
in the new proposition punishment on them, by whom in retribution for
whose endeavours to give effect to those same laws, reward
would, had the laws been suffered to take effect have been received.

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