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29 Apr. 1816

Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart
Peel on Ireland

10 3

Wonder being of the number of those emotions which spring
out of and keep pace with ignorance, to the any consider
in a place such as that occupied by the Right Honourable manager
of the affairs of Ireland, any thing that can consideration whatsoever may contribute
to calm and diminish the intensity of that so inconvenient
an emotion may be not altogether without its use its claim to action.

1 Among the properties of Irishmen one is that of not taking to be detesting the thought of
being hanged. 2 Among another is that of not liking detesting any person and any thing by
whose means they are as dan regard themselves as being in likely danger
of being hanged. 3 A person, in consequence of whose evidence
if believed a man an Irishman would will be sentenced to be hanged, and unless
the course of justice were be stopped a man will be hanged
accordingly is of the number of those by whose means he is in danger
of being hanged.[+]
4 To these men Irishmen such
as they are, any such
person is accordingly
nor does it seem altogether very
extraordinarily unaccountably an
object of general detestation

All these Without much danger of error These propositions may it is believed
be every one of them, set down in the catalogue list of
truisms. (Of some one or more it should seem that) at
the time at which the above expressions of wonder escaped
from the lips of the Right Honourable Gentleman Right Honourable lips of these truisms some one
or more it should seem had not yet found, or if they
had found had failed of having kept, a place in that his same
Right Honourable mind. Should of To any such as yet unhonoured
paper as the present should it happen to any such honour
happen as that of meeting these same Right Honourable
eyes, the inconvenient emotion in question may might it is
hoped be somewhat quieted, and a some lesson now to
his Right Honourable Gentleman be learnt — a lesson of Metaphysics
or Logic or Ethics no print matter which — at
any rate a lesson not altogether inapplicable to the business of government.

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