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29 Apr. 1816

Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart
Peele on Ireland

11 4

[This lesson received, thereupon from thence after due reflection and
comparison by the light of analogy a correspondent lesson might
peradventure be deduced not altogether without its claims
to attention on the part of his right Honourable colleague
the Chancellor of the Exchequer]

Among the properties of manufacturers brewers who for the profit
derivable from the substitution, employ cheap and unwholesome unlawful
ingredients, in such sort as to defraud the national revenue, [undersell
the fair those who employ none no ingredients but lawful ones] and injure
the healths of consumers — say for shortness fraudulent brewers are those of not liking detesting the idea
[+] thinking and poisoning

of being punished made to forfeit money for so doing: another is that of detesting
any person and any thing by which means they regard
themselves as being in any danger of being obliged to pay any
such forfeiture. A person in consequence of whose evidence
if believed or information if the truth of it be proved a brewer
will be sentenced to forfeit a sum of money, and unless the
course of justice be stopped will be made to pay it accordingly
is of the number of those by whose means he is in danger
of being made to forfeit such money. To any such brewers, such
as they are, any such person is accordingly, nor does
it seem altogether unaccountable an object of general
detestation. if by giving attesting applying to the conduct of a person by whose
evidence or by whose information they see themselves in danger
of suffering this such punishment the epithet malitious they see
a prospect of saving themselves from such punishment, they
will naturally nor by any means unaccountably take upon
themselves to apply to that same conduct this same epithet.

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