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29 Apr. 1816

2. Vansittart


What is not understood in the Treasury then is honest management
What is understood here is fraud: fraud on every occasion
fraud in every shape.

Committed by the subordinate seen and connived at by the
superior — their disobedience and their falshood tting
without a motive cause? Oh as the cause is but tis
obvious unquestionable. Whatsoever comes on that subject comes as from the Treasury would
p. 22
naturally have been circulated get abroad. Faint as
Circulating it would
have discouraged &c

they are, had those expressions of regard for justice which
were buried destined to sleep in the Treasury Books shelves been copied
in the letter to sent to the Government obsequious Borough, faith
and hope might then have been weakened. No longer assured
of impunity (or so much as of substantial mitigation favour) in case
of detection and confusion c, delinquents smugglers might have fallen
back into the paths of honesty: they might have revolted
from government (meaning Mr Vansittart's government)
and gone over to the laws. For conveying to the useful
men at Lynn that unwilling pleasant resolve which
could not but be taken and having been taken could not
but be conveyed, the most gentle dullest softest expression that which that could be
framed the nature of the case admitted of none the most convenient suitable
the best suited to the purpose and the softest expressions terms
that could be framed are accordingly the terms employed.

If the softest terms were the most eligible in the instrument
destined for communication, why then employ any other than the
softest in the instrument in which was to be the distinction of which was made to serve as
a ground for it? Answer: The Treasury Minute was
to serve as evidence of probity to succeeding and thence not
improbably hostile Treasury Boards. True it was that what
has eventually happened was before it happened possible: a Motive
which it might not be denied advisable to resist might draw call the
Minute into day light. True: but in the Honourable House though all Gentlemen are
equally honourable, all
gent honourable gentlemen
are not equally
sharpsighted: and if by in the instance
those who might be in
possession of a small of that
quality instrument sufficiently so for the
purpose in question might
be sufficiently, the time
necessary for the application
of it might not be to be found

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