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Append. III
Dean Andrews
2. Vansittart

Not possible
a power should be right

An authority power which never acts or so much as
pretends to act upon any other than irrelevant grounds
a Court which for substantiating these grounds never
receives any evidence in any shape but that in which
it is of all credit a Court which never
in the subjects in question has not seen to do justice
in it ever so desirable — a Court which any
have taken such causes into its cognizance for any
other purpose than that of injustice

In Spain, the beloved takes to his own beloved person the
cognizance of all criminal causes.[+]1
[+]1 and the prisons are
crammed with Liberals

In Russia the magnanimous
Alexander takes to his own beloved magnanimous
person the cognizance of all civil causes.[+]2
[+]2 and under Lord
Eldin himself, festination
could not go on
at a more gentle pace

In England
the power of self sainted Nicholas takes to his own holy
person the cognizance of Excise Revenue causes. It Thr, it is possible
may regard himself as serving doing service to the Holy Virgin to whom he is
mantra-maker, by extinguishing liberalism without regard to justice
It is possible that by refining justice to plaintiffs by his vote
as English Legislators do by their law-taxes, and English Judges
by their line fees, he may regard himself as excluding improbity
and imb and thence upon the whole doing service to the cause of serving the cause of justice
of justice.

But by Law Nicholas Saint Nicholas, by over ruling superseding justice and
Favour in his place,
even by his faith and piety can
any such supposition be
entertained as that he
is serving any other cause
than that of corrupt influence.
Possibly if at
the formation of corrupt influence he sat alone: such is his faith and such his charity. But at the Board has he no Colleagues? in the Cabinet has he no Colleagues
To Board or Cabinet exists there a Door-keeper by whom
to all these matters his eyes could not be opened?

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