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7 May 1816

2. Vansittart


In a case of delinquency importing pregnant with mischief
of a public nature, if this propensity to find the in the delinquency
of an delinquent individual a reason justification for giving impunity
to another, where shall we find look for the source be found? It
may be seen in the narrowness of the Judge's views. In Public
the interest is too large an object for his eye. In a
a case in which the great interests affected are the
interests of the public, all he can see is the quarrel
between the individuals. A and B. In the the recording of a quarrel between A
and B, if A applies to have for punishment B punished, no serious
each having caused
irritation to the other

and lasting mischief having been produced to B, nothing beyond
temporary irritation, in this case if B were punished
and not A, encouragement would thus be given to P to
ill treat and afflict B,[+]
[+] on other occasions,
in the hope of the
like result in each,

whereas if no punishment
be at the instance of either party inflicted on the other
each will find in the affliction sustained by him in the
course of the quarrel, find a motive for abstaining from
engaging in such another.[+]
[+] P the causes
why on the part of
the Judge the decision
taken made is a right
Decision. Such in
this instance is the
justificative cause.
Not that in this
same instance if
this same division
the consideration here
brought to view has
in narrow and
ordinary undisciplined minds been
common by the actually efficient
cause. In minds of
this description

In this case antipathy and sympathy
and antipathy, (as in narrow and undisciplined untutored minds
is naturally necessarily the case being)
the sole grounds of the disposition
to apply punishment and reward, the
Judge, not finding any in the conduct of P any source
of sympathy towards P, the Judge finds no gratification in the
idea of affording the gratification to his the dissocial appetite
of P at the expence of his adversary.

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