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8 May 1816

2. Vansittart

By Dean Andrews, under the contemptuous term of Ale
-drinkers by Dean Andrews the middling and inferior classes
are held up to view stated in express terms deliberate written discourse they and their health
are objects of his disregard. By In the situation of Mr Vansittart, the occasion
did not call for his adopting the discourse of the Court Divine
in words, but not only in principle but in conduct he does
but in words he makes receives it without objection
or modification and in principle and practice as evidenced he adopts
it. Forced by the cry of the House yes for the moment the cry not
only of the nation but the House, he sits to wish measures of
economy. From the expence of Naval department when £400,000 a year struck off —
such is his boast
economy. Of economy. Yes: but of what Economy. Of that economy
of which while such as it is the benefit it shewed by the class of Wine-
drinkers, the burthen is confined to the class of Ale-drinkers. Of no one office

Among so many
useless offices, needless
Offices and Sinecure
Offices "Of no one office
in the higher departments
of State has the Salary
been touched. No: not
one branch of any high
family, nor any number
of that House had his
Salary reduced or emoluments
in the
slightest degree
reduced. So says
Lord Milton (Commons
Debate 7th May 1816 in
Morning Chronicle of
the 8th) So says Lord
Milton this day. So In that same place
In that same place, so
in other days had it
been said by others:
and on no occasion
has any contradiction
been ventured to be opposed.
On the contrary,
as any body may, see
in the debates and documents
of Mr Vansittart, under
this very pressure, measures
were crowding in for
giving encrease to the Salaries
of Wine drinkers.

Morning Chronicle 8 May 1816. H. of Commons Debate
7 May

Extract from the speech of Mr Vansittart Chancellor of the

Upon such a system of subject the Government must be the
best judge, and upon this occasion it would be much
better to leave the reduction of expence in the several
public departments to the heads of those departments
with whom the existing commission would naturally consult.

Extract from the Speech of Lord Milton

The Chancellor of the Exchequer had no doubt stated
that a reduction to the amount of £400,000 had
taken place in the naval department, and for this
reduction the Right Honorable Gentleman and his
colleagues were entitled to his (Lord M's) thanks —
But then it must be recollected that all this reduction
applied to underlings in office. For the salary of
no one in the higher departments of State had been
touched. No — not one branch of any high family
nor any Member of that House had his salary or
emoluments in the slightest degree reduced.

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