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Transcribe Bentham: A Collaborative Initiative

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Transcribe Bentham

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Welcome to the Transcription Desk

The Transcription Desk is the heart of a major online initiative to transcribe the manuscripts of the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham. It is managed by the Bentham Project at University College London.

You are invited to assist us by using the Transcription Desk to type up the text of Bentham's manuscripts.

These transcripts will make it easier for anyone to access and read Bentham's papers and will be used by scholars at the Bentham Project in the production of the edition of The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham.

At the last count, volunteers had transcribed more than 40,000 pages of Bentham's writings. Why not join us in our mission?

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Project Progress

Untranscribed: 4306
In Progress: 1080
Completed: 42240
Total: 47620

0Completed: 42240(88.7%)47620

  • Check out our Benthamometer for a full summary of the pages that have been transcribed by volunteers.


  • Our Leaderboard shows the activity of our most enthusiastic transcribers. Can you collect enough points to climb the league table? Find out how many points you need to become a master transcriber.

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