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Box 1 contains material pertaining to Bentham’s annuity notes scheme, and date from 1799 to 1801. Bentham spent almost twelve months planning, drafting, and revising a major work entitled A Tract Intituled [sic] Circulating Annuities, which has never been published (though a précis of the text was provided in a work entitled Abstract or Compressed View of a Tract intituled [sic] Circulating Annuities. Bentham hoped that his plan for an interest-bearing circulating currency would provide the means both to reduce, and even eliminate, the national debt, and to inculcate the culture of saving amongst the poor, thus preserving the stability of expectations from the political and financial threats of revolution and national bankruptcy respectively.

Our colleague, Dr Michael Quinn, is currently working on Bentham’s writings on political economy, and an unexpurgated text of Bentham’s Annuity Note scheme will present an exciting resource to scholars and historians of economic thought alike. The work of Transcribe Bentham volunteers has the potential to significantly expedite work on this material, and contribute to its first publication in a forthcoming volume of the Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham.

The material is arranged as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 209 : Annuity notes for press [1800]
  • Folios 210 to 250 : Annuity notes, prefat [1800]
  • Folios 251 to 382 : Annuity notes, effects [1800]
  • Folios 383 to 544 : Annuity notes, extent, limits, objections [1800]
  • Folios 545 to 603 : Annuity notes, rejecta [1799-1800]
  • Folios 604 to 626 : Annuity notes, marginata [1800-01]
  • Folios 627 to 637 : Annuity notes, collectanea [1799-1801]
  • Folios 638 to 666 : Annuity notes, notes [1800]
  • Folios 667 to 702 : Currency sure [1800]
  • Folios 703 to 709 : Annuity notes, parallel [1800]
  • Folios 710 to 739 : Annuity notes, political advantages [1800]

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