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Box 6 contains Bentham's writings on the Church of England, which he published as the pamphlet Church-of-Englandism and its Catechism Examined in 1818. Bentham disliked the huge role that the Church played in educating the poor and argued that there should be greater separation between Church and state.

Detailed contents of this box are as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 5: Church of Englandism examined, with a view to Catholic Emancipation, by an Oxford graduate. [Marginal outlines]; 1812
  • Folios 6-8: Church - Titles of chapters and sections; 1812
  • Folios 9-26: Church - rudiments; 1812
  • Folio 27: Church - titles of chapters and sections; 1813
  • 'Folios 28-133: Church - ante topics, topics, post topics; 1812-13
  • Folios 134-148: Church - facienda; 1813
  • Folios 149-196: Church - II Doctrine; 1812-14
  • Folios 197-199: Church - III Service; 1812
  • Folios 200-209: Church - V Acta. Earl of Harrowby's speech (1812); 1813
  • Folios 210-211: Church catechism - J.B. to W. Smith, M. P.; 1818

Please Note: Some material from Box 6 has been published in Church-of-Englandism and its Catechism Examined, eds. J.E. Crimmins and C. Fuller, Oxford, 1993.

Folios from box 6 which have already been partially or fully transcribed are listed under the progress bar below.

Box 6 Progress

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In Progress: 4
Ready For Review: 59
Completed: 183
Total: 246

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