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Box 16 contains drafts of Bentham’s ideas for a code of criminal law. In these papers, Bentham paid particular attention to the honorific practice of duelling to settle disputes. By the nineteenth century, the use of pistols meant that duels were potentially more dangerous. Bentham argued that duelling did not contribute to utility. A proper penal code would negate the need for individuals to take the law into their own hands in this way.

The material is arranged as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 40: [Penal law, duelling] Homicide, duelling, Penal Code, offences against person and reputation [1825]
  • Folios 41 to 65: [Penal Law, duelling] Chapter III. Offences to person and reputation [1826]
  • Folios 66 to 132: Penal Code - offences against person [1827]
  • Folios 133 to 153: Law amendment or Duelling extinguishable [1828]
  • Folios 154 to 244: Law amendment or Penal Code or Duelling extinguishable [1828]
  • Folios 245 to 249: Collectanea for duelling extinguishable [1829-31]

Folios from box 16 which have already been partially or fully transcribed are listed under the progress bar below.

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