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How can I get feedback on my work?

The Transcription Desk can provide you with detailed feedback about the transcripts you submit to the Transcribe Bentham Editors.

This is achieved by displaying a line-by-line comparison between your submitted transcript and a 'finalized' version. The finalized version contains any modifications made to your transcript by the Transcribe Bentham Editors, such as corrections to mis-transcribed words, the filling in of gaps for missing words, or changes to the formatting, encoding or layout of the transcript. Being able to see where these changes have been made can help volunteers improve their transcription skills.

To compare your submitted transcript with the finalised version, simply follow the steps below:

  1. After you have received confirmation on the board of your User Profile that your manuscript has been checked and accepted by the TB Editors, click the transcript's number (in the image example below, JB/107/204/001) to see the finalized transcription.
  2. From the menu bar across the top of the page that loads, select ‘History’.
  3. The ‘Revision history’ page for the transcript will now load. On the list of revisions, first ensure the radio button for the latest version of the transcript (the finalized version)is clicked. Second, find the latest instance of when you edited the transcript (normally the second or third entry on the list of revisions) and click the radio button next to this revision. Finally, click the Compare selected revisions button.
  4. A new page ‘Difference between revisions’ of your transcript will load with your feedback. The first part of the page contains the manuscript image viewer. This is followed by a line-by-line comparison of the submitted transcript and the finalized transcript. On the left side is the submitted transcript. Lines bordered with yellow are instances where modifications to the submitted transcript have been made. On the right side is the finalized transcript. Lines bordered with blue show instances where changes have been made to the transcript by the Editors.

Click an image in the gallery below to see a larger version of the screenshot for each step.

Please remember that the Transcribe Bentham Editors are always happy to discuss feedback on your transcriptions. Simply send us a message or email us and include the number of the folio(s) you would like further comment on.

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