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30 Apr. 1816

Note to (a)
Appendix III
Dean Andrews
2 Vansittart

Treachery necessary

or 1.
1 No evidence without
treachery. No evidence
access to perception but
by servantship: by a
servant no disclosure
of masters delinquency
without treachery: and
in vulgar and narrow
minds the odium indiscriminately
attached to the
word. —

or 2
2. Accordingly, Legislators
endeavour to sow deliquents
path with seeds of treachery —
mantraps and spring-guns —

or 3
3 — and rightly.
Treachery is bad or good
according to the transaction:
transaction good or
in noxious treachery
bad: transaction noxious
treachery good. —

or 4
4. True: government
may be bad — subversion
of it may be virtue:
plot for subverting it
though criminal, virtuous,
treachery to such a plot
vitious. —

In some eyes such
may his government
be; but is it so in his
own? p.25

---page break---

Treachery necessary

or 5.
Transaction not only
criminal but noxious
fidelity is treachery —
treachery is no vice —
but atonement.

or 6
6 By these principles
the more inexorably
and comprehensively
acted upon, success
in delinquency will
be rendered more hopeless,
delinquency the more
rare innocence the
more general.

or 7.
7. Per contra to
the sinister interest
which he shares
with the right rest
of the ruling and influencent
few, the lawyer
adds one of his own;
by which the more
extensive sinister
interest is liable to
be obstructed.

or 8.
8. By Legislators
rewards are offered
for evidence. By
Judges these laws
are repealed. Reason
1 For £50 a man
will speak truth:
ergo, perjure himself
2. By patent lies
every juryman will
be deceived: by latent
none. To each rule
groundless and unimportant
exceptions numberless.

---page break---

Treachery necessary

or 9.
9. By these rules
if consistently pursued
Society would have
been destroyed.

or 10 —
10. Under a system
of corruption, to an abuse
sole remedy counter
abuse. Fraud the
instrument by which
good and bad are done
Bond forged, release
forged. Remedy impossible,
fraud the palliation.

or 11.
11. Judges conniving,
counter device by
which these their
destructive rules
have been in
some sort
by subpracticers.

or 12.
Division of Labour.
I who knows nothing
of the matter informs
and receives the reward.
II. who knows but who
without the reward would
not testify, testifies:
and if asked swears he
will not receive any
reward. Thus they hurt
in couples.

or 13.
From this mass of
inconsistencies troubled
waters from in which
lawyers fish: By
Treasury corruption
some delinquents are let
off; others by lawyers
quibbling, as foxes by
hunters. Hence 1 Fair
trader starved: conscience
more heavily taxed —
---page break---
still the system holds
together — every thing
is as it should be.

or 14.
Uses here of Catechism
1. Habituating more
to falsehood in every
shape — principle and
practice. —
2. — if perjury so much
the better: they less they
will haggle in any other.

or 15.
By a Jury of whom
from one to eleven in
case of difference of opinion
are perjured, a delinquent
is convicted on evidence
of a witness who if not
perjured to perjure himself
would not be there.

or 16.
Recently the Jury
perjury system has been
extended to Scotland.
Lawyers may say —
nunc dimittis

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