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27 Apr. 1816 11

Dean Andrews
Only Ale drinkers


Suppose was
drink as Pauls Lords
Supper drinking Corinthians.
Suppose the
letter written at Vansittarts
after a dinner
there — This no exculpation
nor extenuation.

What if at the very moment of writing these his words
so it should shall have been that the very Reverend the predicament
in which the very Reverend the writer had placed
himself was exactly the same as that for which St Paul
reproves his disciples among the Corinthians. What if the
unguardedness should have had this for its cause? What
if after settling the matter at after a Downing Street dinner
with his Right Honourable friend, the case was that
this letter was penned at the writing table in the next room
to which for his paper he had made a momentary
digression? The case supposition is possible: [+]
[+] nor judging to judge from the mere
words circumstantial
evidence afforded
by the words themselves
and not from and without any support
from direct evidence
does the supposition
present itself as containing
any thing
very improbable —

By wine sentiments
are not begotten
only only as per Epigram manifested.

But supposing it established: would the essentials
of the case be in be found receive any the smallest alteration?
Would the inward and invisible cause by which this
outward and visible sign was produced by done away?
No: not more so than if instead of Burgundy and Champagne
by better nothing had seen drank better than
ale and that in glasses. What does wine to the affections
of the heart al is it than is done by wine? does it beget generate them?
which in the fullness
of the heart the
, where is it
asks the Greek epigram

No: it does but manifest them: if being drunk you are
now for the first time seen to be wicked, it is not
that for this is the first time of your being wicked, but
this is the first time of your being seen to be so that your wickedness has been discovered.

Drunk or sober
neither words nor
sentiments are the
less Andrews's.

Drunk or sober good Mr Dean the words are yours
the affections sentiments but for which these words would have have
been uttered slipt your pen, are no less so.

For next par

2. Vansittart

That they are the sentiments of the this very Reverend person is
certain: that they were the sentiments of his Right Honourable friend of
the Right Honourable person for he whose eye their in whose sight they were manifested, are is little next to
less than certain.

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