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25 Apr. 1816

Dean And
2. Vans

8 1 *13

Company Forbes a. 272

Van object cue to Dean letters he acts expect — in his
maxims he passes no concern on it, Dean had would he have
suspected it not being acceptable would ever have hazarded or
be used of Van's en it

If with the conditions of addressees taken as evidence against
addressees — any ought be record

in Van
setness of sympathy for life not a spirit for Ale-drinkers

Number & sons

From that of an associate says the proverb, may
a mans disposition be known much more from the
language of an associate and his son together. From
it is that if without further evidence, the terms of a
letter were to have be regarded the effect of conclusive evidence
against the person he addressed it would thus be put at
the power of every man to ruin every other. Much
in every case and in some cases every thing will depend
upon the reception given to the letter by the person
to whom it is addressed: upon any thing which is said
or any thing which is done in pursuance of it.

Said, in pursuance of a letter so circumstanced
said, in any direct way in the sort of record called
a Treasury Minute, nothing without a violation of ale firms
could have been. But in the Minute of which on this occasion the entry is made or
brought to light

the Chancellor of the Exchequer
maxims less on maxims of deep policy are contained, and among
these maxims not a little is to be found of any
but what
that does not operate stand on evidence — circumstantial
indeed for direct could not have appeared — circumstantial
but not the less conclusive evidence, of adoption
given — no not so visible of adoption as of already established
agreement with the contempt so frankly avowed by
this the Court Courtly Minister of the Gospel for the poor which body of the poor together
no inconsiderable public
of the middling classes
under the scornful name
of ale-drinkers

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